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Add to myDIXla caseta de perro dog-kennel
Add to myDIXhecha polvo dog-tired
Add to myDIXhecho polvo dog-tired
Add to myDIXel perro lazarillo guide-dog
Add to myDIXel perro dog
Add to myDIXla doblez dog-ear
Add to myDIXla perrera dog-kennel
Add to myDIXel carlino pug-dog
Add to myDIXcansadísimo, cansadísima dog-tired
Add to myDIXˇcuidado con el perro! Beware of the dog!
Add to myDIXel perro pastor alemán Alsatian dog
Add to myDIXel cabrón dirty dog
Add to myDIXel canalla dirty dog
Add to myDIXel morillo fire dog
Add to myDIXel perro caliente hot dog
Add to myDIXel suertudo lucky dog
Add to myDIXel perro rastreador sniffer dog
Add to myDIXel perro rastrero sniffer dog
Add to myDIXel perro rastreador tracker dog
Add to myDIXel perro rastrero tracker dog

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